The Big Island…the Land of Healing

氣 (Qi in Chinese, Gi or 기 in Korean) is translated as “the force of life” or “the energy that binds all things to the universe”.

For Ghost Elements’ first campaign, we are showcasing our self-healing journey of renewing our 氣 through the discovery of Mother Nature’s gifts on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We recognized her sacred circle of life and celebrated the biodiversity of this special volcanic island where fire and devastation provides new opportunity for livelihood.  We climbed mountains, hiked rainforests, witnessed lava, soaked in the ocean and showered in rain water. 

The essential elements of nature healed both body and spirit and inspired us to feel pure bliss in the heart - so euphoric that we felt invincible.  Funny how recovering blocked 氣 can make one feel so powerful yet at peace at the same time. 

Many martial arts value the healthy flow of 氣 as the essential foundation to achieve the best version of yourself.  We hope to empower your personal restoration of 氣 through this capsule.